ELYQD – A Decentralized Vaping Industry Marketplace

eLYQD is a decentralized ethereum based ecosystem marketplace that will be the framework for the entire vaping industry. One of the main features of eLYQD is the use of blockchain technology, which allows making the platform transparent, open and as safe as possible for both transaction parties, reduction of transaction and business costs, and simplifying of the purchase process.


eLYQD is a platform designed to allow vaping industry manufacturers to create an online store that will make good use of the most advanced technologies in the e-commerce field, and providing the vaping community the freedom of choice and the option to pay for products with LYQD Tokens, fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Global Problems & eLYQD Solutions
1. Full product range — either expensive or not available.
2. Cross-border payments for vaping products.
3. Payment Verification or denial.
4. Record keeping and security.
5. Complexity.
6. Fraud.
7. Reputation.

Consumers have access to brands from all over the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever they are.

LYQD Tokens allow users to send and receive payment globally in minutes, eliminating the risk of nonpayment and costing a tiny fraction of the total eLYQD blockchain will facilitate immediate fund transfer into escrow accounts. All constituents can manage escrow accounts through smart contracts.

The eLYQD recordkeeping app will allow for simplified electronic record creation and store this data on a decentralized anonymized network that is significantly harder to hack and leak.

The eLYQD system will eliminate points of potential breakdown. eLYQD smart contracts will (a) ensure that transitions occur smoothly and (b) keep immutable records of actions taken by all constituents.

eLYQD requires proof-of-order, time/location stamping of the actual transaction, and undisputed hash records of all steps executed, from order, billing to shipping.

The eLYQD network will record all transactions, positive actions improve a user’s reputation. The risk of a negative review motivates all parties to remain honest. eLYQD’s blockchain-based decentralized network will provide a platform for the next generation of peer-to-peer (P2P) apps to support and record all constituent interactions in the value chain, with proof of completion and compliance at each step.

The eLYQD marketplace will increase the efficacy of all business interactions by freeing them from all kinds of middlemen and making those interactions immediate, transparent, secure and mutually beneficial. This vision will be achieved by creating a fast blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis. The eLYQD ecosystem will be used by mass consumers and product manufacturers, from all around the world.

Distributed blockchain ensures total transparency and verification of each transaction, including detailed product characteristics, its price structure, relevant circumstances of the sale, as well as reputed profiles of the sale parties. The eLYQD ecosystem will be deployed on the Ethereum platform.

The peer-to-peer principle of interaction within eLYQD will allow all participants to interact directly. This removes middleman-related costs. The price of a product or a service will be passed over to the manufacturer in its entirety. The end-price of a product will only contain real production costs and a fair margin.

Payments within the eLYQD ecosystem will be effected in the system’s own crypto-tokens—LYQD, ERC20-compliant. The function of the token will be to reward users for active use of the ecosystem and contributions to its development (rewards include several types of crypto-paybacks, loyalty, promotions).

In the case of a dispute between buyer and seller, an arbitration service is available. We encourage sellers to choose an arbitrator, as it increases the trust level for buyers and also the probability that purchases will be made. If both parties dispute a transaction, the seller will pay the arbitrator out of the escrowed funds. For buyers, arbitration is always free of charge.

Every seller and buyer will have a reputation rating derived from their conduct during every transaction. Users with a low or negative reputation score may be filtered out, in order to protect other users from fraud and wasted time. This reputation system will encourage legitimate merchants and customers to act honestly and to build up a solid reputation.

Ether, like all cryptocurrencies, is volatile, changing in value on a daily basis, relative to national currencies like the dollar and the euro. eLYQD will develop an integrated payment system that works like ether, but converts to currencies at a ratio of 1:1. Finally, items can be priced in a national currency, and you will know exactly how much you’re spending or being paid.

Within the eLYQD ecosystem, brands, consumers, arbiters, distribution and shippers interact directly with one another. Transactions are powered by LYQD and therefore they are fast, secure and transparent. There is no need for intermediaries that exist in traditional vaping ecosystems. eLYQD will retain all the value generated by the community within the ecosystem.

Listed below are a few of the upcoming milestones of the eLYQD project.

2018 › An idea is born. A decentralized marketplace exclusively for the vaping industry › Bringing some serious change through our direct to consumer marketplace.
Q3 – Q4 2018 › Funding for development › Launch of the marketplace via sale of LYQD tokens.

Q1 2019 › Development of an alpha version of the marketplace testing › All connections made through HTTPS › Escrow & Arbitration smart contracts › Universal search bar › Blockchain caching system › Free, private image uploading › Unencrypted chat system › x2 Geth and caching nodes.

Q2 2019 › Blockchain caching system › Free, private image uploading › Unencrypted chat system › Public beta testing › Localization in 20 languages › Error reporting system › Status.im integration › Web version & filtering system › Importable theme system › Shipping provider integration.

Q3 2019 › Escrow app & arbitration providers › Importable theme system › Naming system, Sigs & Nametags › Reputation system › Shipping provider integration › Variable and safe-low gas cost › Reputation system › Mobile apps for iOS and Android › Additional shipping provider integration › Storefront system › Bulk inventory upload.

Q4 2019 › Live desktop app for escrow and arbitration › Live Status.im app › Live web version › Integrated encrypted chat system › Filtering system › Variable and safe-low gas cost › Complete Geth and caching node network › Storefront system › Bulk inventory upload › Additional languages › Fiat payment system.



The eLYQD team is unique in that it combines deep vaping industry and fintech experience with blockchain and software expertise. eLYQD’s Crowdsale is a natural continuation of the team’s long term vision of delivering frictionless, high quality, low costing vaping experience for everyone, everywhere.

How much funding is eLYQD attempting to raise ?
The hard cap for our token sale is limited at $15 million USD equivalent.

Where will the LYQD tokens be available for purchase ?
The tokens will be available for sale on the ICO website, any secondary market or exchange after the sale ends.

Are there any restrictions that involve a minimum or a maximum transaction limit ?
The minimum transaction limit is set to 0.01 ETH or equivalent. The maximum transaction volume could only be limited by hitting the hard cap.

What is the projected market supply of eLYQD ?
Total supply of eLYQD tokens: › Tokens sold in crowdsale: 60%. Hard cap $15.000.000. Soft cap: $2.000.000.

Can products be purchased without using tokens ?
Yes, the products will be sold for fiat and ethereum currencies.

Is the LYQD token considered as a security or utility token ?
No, LYQD are utility tokens for the marketplace.

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