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BITTECH is a global technological company. The company mission is to make cryptocurrency mining a legal, easy, and reliable way to earn money. The production is based on ASIC chips with a customized architecture built on the technological process of 10 and 14 nm and the development of software for the produced miners.


Currently, our company is seeking to raise funds through the ICO for the development of new products in the cryptocurrency miner range, as well as to construct three more data centers in Canada, Iceland and Estonia.

1. The production of cryptocurrency miners for basic algorithms, such as SHA256 and Scrypt, on modern, energy-efficient, 10-14nm chips.
2. Construct cryptocurrency data centers in Canada, Iceland, Estonia and Russia with a capacity of at least 7,000 miners each.

1. The 14nm BT0014 chip was developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, whose performance and energy efficiency was improved by 20-25% compared to the 16nm chips of competitors.

2. The 10nm BT0010a chip was developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, with chip performance improved by 7% over Bt0014.

3. The 10nm BT0010La chip was developed for the Scrypt algorithm, whose performance is 15-20% higher than the competitors’, and the energy efficiency was improved by 5-7%.

4. Serial production of the BITTECH One miner for the SHA-256 algorithm on BT0014 chips was launched, with a 28Th/s capacity, and consumption of only 2,200W.

5. Prototype of the BITTECH One S miner for the SHA-256 algorithm on BT0010a chips was launched, with 36Th/s capacity and consumption of only 2,800W.

6. Construction of a data center in Russia, Irkutsk region, with a total capacity of 21MW was begun.

The current business owners Jihan Luo and Alexsandr Maiorov first met in the end of 2016 at a fintech exhibition in China, and six months later they began to produce new chips and miners, having invested $2+ mln in software and hardware development.

Aside from creating modern miners, the management took the existing trends and problems of the cryptocommunity and miners in particular into account. This is how the idea emerged, which later developed into a separate activity of building several cryptocurrency data centers whose production capacity will be used to host branded miners and also be leased to customers for the installation of purchased Bittech miners. This service was named the Service Contract. By using the Service Contract, customers will not have to worry about searching for the best infrastructure, services, transportation, and of course any legal issues regarding cryptominer hosting.

Mining is activities aimed at maintaining a distributed platform and creating new blocks with the opportunity to get a reward in the form of new units and commission fees in various cryptocurrencies, in particular, bitcoins. The computations are required to protect against spending the same units, and the rewards encourage people to spend their computing power and support the network operation.

BTECH token is a digital asset of the system recorded in the ERC20 format based on the open-source Ethereum blockchain. Only the BTECH token can be exchanged for a Bittech series miner and a preferential purchase of the service contract for hosting the purchased miner in the Bittech data center.

BITTECH (BTECH) token is a digital asset that grants its holder a right to purchase a new generation of BITTECH miners built on modern 10-14nm chips.

The purpose of the BTECH
issue is to raise funds in the
Project equal to USD

Only 100,000,000 BTECH will be issued
(1 token = $1). Token buyback is
possible through exchanging them for

1. Series of working BT00-series chips.
2. Production of inexpensive and reliable 14 nm Bittech One miners – 180 days warranty, ROI is 4.8 months.
3. Existing technological capacities – 21 MW.
4. Independent project pool:
5. Financial plan that divides the proceeds from the ICO into two streams: 35% for constructing the Bittech data centers, and 40% for purchasing parts and production of the Bittech series of miners, including those for new algorithms.
6. Manufacturer’s interest in the long-term reliable operation of miners: the service contract allows customers to obtain an extended guarantee for the time of the miner hosting in the data center.
7. Expert team with successful experience in implementing innovations.

1. 1 BTECH – 1 USD.
2. Purchase BTECH tokens for BTC, ETH, BCH.
3. The possibility of token free transfer (sale) to third parties.
4. Special price for miners of the Bittech series.
5. Possibility of hosting the equipment in Bittech data centers under special terms.
6. Transparent work guaranteed by an Ethereum smart contract.

Funds raised during the ICO will be used to develop the project as follows.

BITTECH has opened large cryptocurrency data-processing centres (DPC) in Iceland, Estonia, Canada, and Russia. Every DPC is a professionally arranged platform for the Bittech One miner that includes our own, cutting-edge, 14 nm chip. Every DPC is a legal platform for cryptocurrency mining. BITTECH company has tried its best to develop infrastructure and technologies that make the mining process as simple and convenient as possible. Customers who choose our company get extensive service of the highest quality.

As such, the BITTECH project makes mining accessible for the global population, supporting the core values of blockchain: decentralization, transparency and security.

Address Wallet (ETH) : 0x4Fa5f41C3d90527CEC19a6B3BB2084AFB885bAf1

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